Brandt & Brandt Computer GmbH
Am Wiesenpfad 6
D 53340 Meckenheim

November 14, 1999

Brandt & Brandt Computer GmbH is an IT consultancy, specializing in systems integration in heterogeneous Unix environments.

In our scarce spare time, we are working on an APL interpreter. We plan to make it available under the GNU Public License.

The software is based on Thomas Glen Smith's CAPLIB(tm) APL library. We have modified his code, fixing bugs and adding functionality. Our goal is to provide as many of the features of the IBM APL2 interpreter as possible.

The most important, and most noticable feature that we have added so far is a graphical session manager that provides the full APL character set. The session manager is GNU Emacs, with its shell mode.

We hope to be able to offer a first release of our software early next year. It will also include a high quality TeX font, including Metafont sources, and a workspace with utility functions for typesetting APL code with TeX.

In the meantime, you may want to take a look at two screen shots:

session.png (13853 bytes) an APL session under GNU Emacs
tex.png (19607 bytes) one page of a workspace listing, typeset by TeX

Rainer J. H. Brandt
Volker A. Brandt